4 Ways Your Website Can Attract Employees


4 Ways Your Website Can Attract Employees

Staffing, recruitment, and retention are hot topics in accounting and professional services.

Finding top talent in the current market is undeniably challenging, and we all need strategies to attract the best to our team and alleviate internal capacity pressures.

Thankfully, there’s one resource that every firm can leverage to entice quality talent to apply: their website.

Picture this: a potential applicant comes across a job ad for a Senior Accountant position and decides to check your firm out online. But instead of finding a sleek and up-to-date website, they stumble upon an outdated relic or, worse yet, a Yellow Pages listing.

In today’s business environment, that’s not exactly the impression you were likely hoping for—it might even discourage candidates from applying altogether.

Your website shouldn’t only convert clients; it should also convert talent into enthusiastic applicants.

To ensure your website becomes a powerful conversion tool for top talent, here are four key actions you should take.

Showcase your firm’s culture

Your website is your digital door to business success. In just 30 seconds, it needs to convince potential candidates to join your team. To achieve this, your website should reflect not only your business brand but also your employer brand.

Communicate your values and mission, and give your website visitors a taste of your firm’s culture.

Show them your offices, introduce your people, and share the corporate environment.

Life at Future Advisory Design Example

Don’t forget to include links to your blog and social media pages.

Consider adding a video tour, employee interviews, or glimpses of social events. Let your firm’s personality shine through to attract talent aligned with your mission and values.

Have a modern design

In the realm of professional services, modern and contemporary websites always outshine their old-school counterparts in more ways than one. Up-and-coming talent can easily tell the difference between a good website and a bad one, drawing connections between website design and the type of firm it represents.

A modern website design is an absolute must for attracting top talent to a firm. Not only does it leave a visually appealing and user-friendly impression on potential candidates, but it also speaks volumes about the firm’s overall image.

When a firm offers easy navigation, responsiveness, and a seamless user experience through its website, it conveys a strong commitment to putting the user at the centre of its focus. This creates a positive journey for candidates and showcases the firm’s dedication to providing a unique and enjoyable experience.

Accrulu Homepage Design

So, if you want to stand out and catch the eye of exceptional talent, consider the power of a modern website design.

The finest touch can make all the difference in attracting top-notch professionals to your firm.

Create a careers page

Surprisingly, many firm websites overlook the importance of a career page.

Some either don’t have one or bury it as an afterthought, merely listing open positions and application instructions. However, that does not constitute a career page. It is merely a page featuring job openings. It fails to convey why someone would choose to work for you.

Ensure your career page is easily accessible and distinct from others. Instead of using generic stock photos featuring people in sterile environments, showcase your actual employees engaged in meaningful work and enjoying themselves.

Pitcher Partners Careers Page

Highlight career growth opportunities, tenure of current employees, autonomy levels, and the importance of teamwork.

When visitors land on your career page, they should be able to envision themselves (or not) as part of your team.

businessDEPOT Culture Page

Make applying easy

Top candidates are aware of the competitive job market and have multiple options. Simplify your application process and provide timely responses to avoid losing them to other opportunities.

Lift Accounting Careers Application form

Use an email autoresponder to confirm receipt of applications and take the chance to reinforce your employer brand.

Include additional information about your firm, such as case studies, photos of the team’s social events, awards, or client reviews.

You could also leverage your LinkedIn company page to post job openings for easy applications with just a few clicks. Catch candidates before they get distracted by other opportunities.

Turn your website into a talent magnet

By implementing these strategies, you’ll transform your website into a magnet for top talent, leaving a lasting impression and enticing exceptional candidates to join your firm.

At Practice + Pixels, we specialise in crafting websites that make a difference to your firm’s growth online. When it comes to showcasing careers and culture, we have a knack for creating standout pages that capture the essence of your firm. Let us work our magic and design a website that not only drives client inquiries but also converts up-and-coming talent into enthusiastic applicants.

With our expertise in website design, we’ll create a digital presence that leaves a lasting impression. We aim to help you attract top talent by showcasing your firm’s unique culture and career opportunities. Take advantage of the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and engage exceptional candidates.

Contact us today for a chat about your website.

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