The 5 ways to attract new work to your accounting firm


Accounting Firm

There are literally hundreds of different ways you can attract more clients to your accounting firm. You could do a Google search right now and find over 100 million articles, blogs, videos, and the like with ideas and tips on lead generation. It can become quite daunting as the paradox of choice sets in. Too many choices, too many decisions, too little time to do what is really important. As an accountant, your time is minimal to spend on things like marketing or lead generation.

So we’ve invited a good friend of Practice + Pixels onto the show to talk about and breakdown his 5 ways to attract new work to an accounting firm. Jacob Aldridge is an international business coach and has worked with over 300 companies in Australia, the UK, North America, and across Asia-Pacific over the past 12 years. He’s here today to share the 5 attractants for accounting firms.

Check out episode 6 of Practice Makes Perfect below.

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