5 ways to promote your content


5 ways to promote accounting content

Marketing for accountants is heavily focussed on content marketing, specifically producing educational blogs for their clients and contacts.

But writing a blog post is just the start. You may not believe it when we say that producing content is the easy part. Promoting your content is just as critical to ensuring your content delivers the right results for your firm.

There’s no use in spending hours writing content if only a few people (or worse, no one) can find it. 

Here are 5 content distribution tips for accountants to maximise the reach of their content and attract more readers.

Leverage your micro-content


Your micro-content comes from bite-sized pieces of information that are taken from your main content piece.

You can turn one piece of content (your main blog article), into several smaller pieces of content. This will help you get up to 5x more views on your blog.

For example, say you’ve written a blog for your clients on “10 tips to help you prepare for the end of the financial year”. You now have 10 micro-content pieces to share across your social media with a link back to your main article. If you post daily on your social media, that’s 10 days’ worth of social media posts that will increase your engagement on social media and on your blog.

When you’re finished producing your main content piece, think about how you can promote your content with micro-content.

Add links in related content

If you’re producing enough content for your firm, chances are you’ll have content that is related to another article on your blog.

You can promote your content by inserting text and hyperlinking that text to a related article. This will increase traffic to your content, but also strengthen the performance of your website’s blog overall. 

Linking not only allows your readers to follow your links to the respective pages, but it improves your SEO.

Promote your content through email

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to market your accounting firm to current and future clients. 

If you’ve built a healthy database of clients and prospects, sending them valuable, educational, and entertaining content on a regular basis will only increase the performance of your content, and maximise your ability to generate new leads for your firm

A weekly, fortnightly, or monthly email newsletter is a great way to promote and celebrate your content.

But remember, email newsletters need to be relevant to the recipient. Segmenting your clients and contacts in your email database will provide better opportunities to send the right message to the right person for a higher probability of influencing action.

Add content links to your email signatures

How many emails do you send directly to clients every day? Finding new promotional real estate in your everyday communication tools isn’t hard if you know where to look. 

You may be restricted depending on what email client you use (Outlook, Gmail, etc). However, a great way to promote your content in a more subtle way is to add a call to action in your email signature. 

Add the feature image from your article or video content piece to the bottom of your email signature with a link to view the content. 

Send content to your referral partners

They’re referral partners for a reason. They know, like, and trust you as a professional accountant and advisor and would welcome any content that benefits their audience. 

Each time you produce a new piece of content for your firm, consider who within your network would find your content valuable for themselves, but also for their audience. Send them an email directly with the link asking if they would consider sharing it with their own network.

You might not get every person you contact to share the article, but one or two might, and that’s more valuable than no one sharing it.

There are many more ways to distribute your content

There are literally hundreds of ways you could distribute your content to maximise its’ performance. These 5 are some of the easiest (and most effective) ways to promote content for an accounting firm. If you can master these, and automate your process as much as possible, you can explore other opportunities to take your content distribution to the next level.

If you’re spending time writing content with little to no engagement or would like to start promoting your content to your current and future clients, get in touch with us at Practice + Pixels. We offer marketing retainer packages that cover a broad scope of digital marketing for accountants, including content production and distribution. Find out more at practiceandpixels.com.au.

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