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We are
Practice + Pixels

We’re a digital agency who creates new, original and unexpected digital experiences for your current and future clients. We do this through brand design, website design and development, video and digital marketing.

Business owners of today deserve unique experiences from their trusted advisors.

We believe accountants have an opportunity to challenge the traditional branding and marketing methods of the industry to create something that is truly unique, original and memorable.

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Accountants rely on us to reinvent them in the new age of branding and digital experiences.

We are passionate about challenging the “norm”

We know what your clients value + expect from your firm

We ask the right questions to get the core truth of your brand and celebrate that through your marketing

We guide you through the complex digital marketing landscape in plain English… no marketing “fluff”

We focus on discovery and strategy before tactical executions

We know that unique brands + vivid online experiences are your biggest growth opportunity

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Why we do
what we do

What drives us

Like many business owners, accountants aren’t esteemed brand and marketing specialists. And that’s ok. Not many people are good with the numbers or at navigating the complex tax landscape. But in a market where people are becoming more aware of what is and is not a trustworthy brand simply by how a website looks, we now live in a time where the old school and outdated are consistently beaten by the new age, the unique and the forward-thinking.

We believe this is how a firm will stand out and be remembered. By creating an unexpected and original experience that will delight their clients and maximise growth.

We want to help accountants find the distinctive characteristics of their brand and celebrate that through unexpected and delightful marketing and digital experiences. This is what gets us out of bed in the morning. Well, that and the smell of coffee. 

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Our Founder

Our CEO + Founder, Tyson Cobb,  saw an opportunity for firms to challenge what is “expected” as a brand and as marketing experiences in the accounting industry. He wanted to help firms discover makes them truly unique as a brand, and share that with the world by helping them create marketing experiences that not only contribute to higher profits, but are also delightful surprises for their current and future clients.

For many years Tyson watched on as accountants received cookie-cutter brands and misleading marketing advice that would often lead to poor marketing performance and underwhelming brands. Practice + Pixels was born from a need to provide tailored and ethical brand and marketing advice to an industry with untried potential and opportunity. 

Tyson has consulted for brands across several different industries over a 14-year career in brand and marketing. He has spent the last 6 years providing strategy and marketing implementation for accounting firms.


Trusted.  Plain-talking. Creative.  Professional. Strategic. Obsess over details. Ethical.


Pretenders. Complicated.
Cookie Cutters.

practice makes perfect marketing ideas for accountants

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