Agency Update – August 2022

Agency Update

Agency Update August 2022

Welcome to our August update, filling you in on everything happening in the exciting and often unchartered territory of marketing and branding for accounting firms… And also a little bit about what we’ve been up to behind the scenes.


Here we are, already 2 months into a new financial year. From what we’ve been hearing from our clients, last year was a record year for some. Congrats to everyone who made it through another fast end to the financial year, we hope you managed to recover, and re-energise in July and August,  and are now well underway to smashing it again this financial year.


What we’ve been cooking behind the scenes

We’re always cooking up new ways to help clients along their marketing journey. And as we know marketing is more than just content, social media, and email newsletters. 

We’re excited to offer a new service to our clients that will help them be found online, build more engagement, and generate new work from their online presence.

Recent research has shown that Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO for short) is the most effective technique for generating new leads for an accounting firm. 

SEO is a discipline that is focused around optimising your website to rank well in online search results (preferably on page one of Google).

And Practice + Pixels can now support you along your SEO journey. 

To be found online by valuable clients looking for accounting services, you need to market your website just like any other product or service.

And this is what our SEO support is all about. If you want to get your website ranking competitively in search engines, check out how we can help you on our website, or head to our blog for more insights into how SEO can help your firm scale your digital presence.

Have you secured your .au domain?

Have you secured the .au version of your domain name yet?

The Australian Domain Administration has launched the .au direct domain names. This new development offers any Australian firm shorter, more memorable domain names. So instead of .com or, or, you can now simply have a .au direct domain for your firm. 

But be quick! You will have until 20 September this year before the .au domains become available for the general population to purchase. By this date, anyone will be able to register the .au domain for their business, irrespective of whether they had another domain variation of it previously. 

Check out more info on this in this month’s update email, or head to our blog to read all about it, how to secure your domain, and what to do next.

3 Elements of Strong Accounting Brands

It was a great year for us also at Practice + Pixels. We’ve had many new clients start their marketing journey with us over the past few months. We’ve certainly noticed a trend showing many firms beginning to realise the untapped potential marketing can deliver for the growth of a firm.

What’s even more exciting are the conversations we’ve had with firms about something that may feel like a foreign or misunderstood concept to so many. 


We’re seeing a shift in the perception of what a strong brand can actually do for a firm.

How good brand stories can differentiate the firm in more competitive ways. Rather than firms leading with expertise and reputation alone throughout their website and marketing assets, a small portion of firms is now focusing on the 3 key elements that make up a strong brand to attract more of their ideal clients from the outset.

Brand is a very exciting conversation we like to have with a firm and we are stoked to see a newfound focus on a brand’s importance and potential when it comes to growing a firm.

If you need any guidance on your brand, your marketing, or your website, check out our blog for further insights that will help you create a better marketing machine and increase the effectiveness of your marketing. Or of course, send us a note at and we can chat through your marketing questions together.

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