Unique brand
design + strategy for
accounting firms

We create unique brands that will maximise awareness and value for new and established accounting firms.


In many ways, a strong brand is the key to a firm's success.

Focusing on your brand is now more important than ever to not only survive, but to stand out in the noisy marketplace. Your brand is a powerful and versatile business tool.

At Practice + Pixels, we value unique characteristics and an authentic voice and believe that every accounting firm has a unique quality that sets them apart. We help firms uncover what truly makes them unique, and use their distinctive traits and voice to create a brand that will stand out and be remembered in a noisy marketplace.

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Take a deep dive to uncover what

makes your firm unique

Take a deep dive to uncover what

makes your firm unique

Our branding services for
accounting firms

New to branding or not sure what your brand needs? No problem. We’ll develop a new or refreshed brand with purpose + power by diving deep into what makes your accounting firm unique in a competitive marketplace.

Brand strategy

You can’t build a strong brand with just a logo. You first must know how to position your firm in the competitive marketplace. We work with you to develop a brand strategy that encapsulates your firm’s unique voice and will enable you to create immersive, shareable and unique experiences for your ideal clients.

Brand design​

The visual identity of your brand can leave a strong, lasting impression on prospective clients. Done right, your brand will trigger an emotional connection with your ideal clients. We design your brand identity through creative interpretation of your brand strategy and articulate this through logo design, fonts, iconography, colours and unique imagery. We’ll tie it all together with a brand style guide that anyone can follow.

Asset design

Using your brand strategy and style guide, we design your brand and marketing assets including:

Ready to develop a brand that
sets you apart from other firms?

If you want a brand that makes your firm stand out, get in touch with us at Practice + Pixels to discuss the details of how we can help elevate your firm’s brand and maximise its value.