Complete Content Creation Masterclass for Accountants

Content Marketing for Accountants Masterclass


Let's talk about how important content marketing is for your accounting firm.

We all know that producing content is a great way to share information with a larger volume of your current and future clients. Content marketing for accountants is needed in order to build up authority, to gain the trust of your clients and website visitors, and to be found in search engine results. But it’s hard for accountants and bookkeepers to keep their head above water when it comes to creating consistent content. And even harder to create content that delivers results for the firm. 

In this masterclass you’ll learn exactly what it takes to plan and easily execute content that will drive your firm forward. We’ll be removing all the complicated “marketing jargon” so you can walk away clear headed and energised to create compelling content for your firm.

What will you gain
from this masterclass?

A process to create content without the frustration of not having enough time or energy.

A framework to consistently come up with content ideas that will engage, educate and delight your clients.

Tools for distributing your content to reach more people and maximise the returns for your firm

Templates to help structure your content in a way that will keep people reading and sharing your content.

Strategies and ideas on how to build a database of ideal clients who crave the content you create.

Ways to get the team on board creating content for you by leveraging their individual expertise.

Tactical opportunities for maximising the impact of your content that will grow your firm.

But above all else, Complete Content Creation Masterclass for Accountants will give you the confidence to finally generate consistent, scalable content and make the lucrative leap from trading time for money to giving yourself the freedom to create content for your firm that will set you up as an authority in the industry.

Who should attend this masterclass?

This masterclass is for accountants and bookkeeping professionals who are:

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Get the right advice, knowledge and tips for accountants to start creating content clients will say "yes" to.


The sessions

Training sessions

By attending this Masterclass you get access to 2x 1.5 hour training sessions spaced out one week apart. Each virtual session is designed to get you focusing on the things that actually matter when it comes to your content creation. They are very intensive, but not overwhelming and you’ll leave each session feeling energized, and amazed at just how simple it is to create compelling content for your firm.


At the end of each training session (and in the days that follow), you’ll have the opportunity to submit questions or some problems that may be troubling you around your content creation. On Thursday, we’ll go through and answer as many of the questions as we can in the 45-minute time slot.

Registration opens Feb 2021

full access

Content Marketing Masterclass for Accountants
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Your Masterclass Trainer


For many years Tyson watched on as accountants received cookie-cutter brands and misleading marketing advice that would often lead to poor marketing performance and underwhelming brands. Practice + Pixels was born from a need to provide tailored and ethical brand and marketing advice to an industry with untried potential and opportunity. 

Tyson has consulted for brands across several different industries over a 14-year career in brand and marketing. He has spent the last 6 years providing strategy and marketing implementation for accounting firms.

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