How to get a more consistent growth shape for your firm

Market to your prospects on a regular basis, keeping them informed and engaged for longer. This adds value to the relationship, builds trust and prepares your prospects or your crops to be ready for harvesting.

Are you a farmer, or are you a hunter? A hunter would venture out into the wild, rifle in hand, ready to bring home the much-needed food for the family. Sometimes, the Hunter is successful in their quest and is well fed, some days the Hunter will come home empty-handed and left starved for the next few days. A Farmer, on the other hand, will plant the seeds and take the time to let them grow over a longer period of time. In the meantime, the Farmer will nurture the crops, feeding them with water and treating them with care. He continues this process over and over again to the point he is always harvesting and never left hungry.

We’ve all been there, using marketing as the fire extinguisher to the burning pain of a hurting business. Going out and finding quick opportunities for new business to keep the firm well fed. Just as a hunter would do the family. 

Your firm should be more like a Farmer. Why? Find out on this episode of Practice Makes Perfect.


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