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Practice + Pixels helped transform JLH Tax and Advisory into a contemporary and highly competitive firm now known as Accrulu. 

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Accrulu is a specialised team of accountants and advisors who are dedicated to helping small businesses thrive and owners live their best lives.



To develop a unique and visually distinctive brand and website that would enable a small firm, in an already noisy and competitive industry, to maximise brand awareness and attract ideal clients.

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To say it’s hard for a small firm to stand out online is the understatement of the century! This was one of the main challenges for Accrulu (formerly JLH Tax and Advisory). Setting a new benchmark that aims to go beyond the expected, the firm’s partners were willing to step out of their comfort zone to develop a unique brand identity and website that would help the firm cut through the digital noise and generic messages. The Practice + Pixels team developed a new visual identity, a brand name and logo, and a website that provides a unique and simple user experience. Keep scrolling to check it all out! 

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The website

After completing the brand strategy process and identity design for Accrulu, our team started working on a beautiful, intelligently designed website. Our goal was to deliver a digital experience that was both rewarding and unique for the user.

We designed and built a fully-responsive accounting website that demonstrated Accrulu’s unique brand personality and provided a different user journey.

Accrulu Website

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