Why referral relationships need to be more strategic?


Strategic referral channels for accountants

Unfortunately, the conventional methods and advice we’ve all been given on referrals are not very helpful. There’s the ”Do great work and you’ll get referred” advice. Which sounds reasonable. But unfortunately, you’re hanging on the hope of a referral to happen, and it lacks consistency. Then there’s the casual coffee catchup, a few times a year, hoping that will build enough of a relationship for referrals to flow. These methods are becoming less and less effective and don’t work on a consistent basis.

Most referrals that accountants benefit from are reactive. What you really need is a strategic referral partner to be more proactive in sending clients your way. A deeper relationship that drives higher volumes of ideal clients to your firm, and converts at a much higher rate than any other lead generation source.

Jacob Aldridge joins us again on this episode to discuss the need for Strategic Referral Channels in increasing the volume of ideal referrals for accountants.

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How do you approach referrals for your firm? Do you take the more casual approach? Or do you actually have strategic referral partnerships in place, giving you more confidence, energy, and peace of mind?

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