We design + build modern, high-performing websites for accountants

The journey to choosing a new accountant begins 1 of 3 ways for your clients. Either they are referred by someone, in which case they will already have a level of confidence in your firm. They may respond to your targeted marketing and advertising. Or they may even just do a Google search for “accountants near me”.

One way or another your prospective clients will land on your website. This is your opportunity to create the wow factor that sets your firm apart from the competition. This is your chance to make a good first impression with your users.


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Get a website that will help your firm
stand out + generate leads

Fully responsive websites for accountants

All of our websites are fully responsive and work across multiple browsers and devices. We undergo rigorous testing to ensure everything is working as it should.

Turn your website into a profitable marketing tool

Our websites integrate with a range of 3rd party digital platforms to help you generate new client enquiries and revenue. Chat to us today about the integrations you need for your new website.

Optimised for better search results

Our team identifies the specific keywords and terms your clients use to find a new accountant. We then create targeted content to ensure your website is appearing in these relevant search results.

A custom design that is unique to
your firm

At Practice + Pixels, we believe in creating websites that are unique and original. So we create a custom design for your website to help you stand out from other firms while ensuring it’s effective at capturing leads. 

*No templates used here!

How we do websites

A new website is a journey. If a process is followed, the journey can be a simple one. To create something that is unique and original for your business we follow a strict process that enables an outcome you will be proud to share with your clients and contacts.

Discovery + strategy session

We ask as many questions as necessary to understand the goals, objectives and the best approach to building your new website.


Once we have a plan in place we’ll begin creating design layouts for your website, incorporating relevant copy and brand visuals, and focusing on the user experience (UX) of your website.


This is where the magic happens. Next, we move onto the development of your new accounting website using the finalised page designs.


All of our websites are fully responsive and work across multiple browsers and devices. We undergo rigorous testing to ensure everything is working as it should.


 The most exciting part of the process. But the work doesn’t stop here. Your website won’t perform if you aren’t consistently driving relevant traffic to it. This is where your digital marketing strategy comes into play. As a little added bonus, we provide you with some simple tactical options to drive traffic through to your website and keep users coming back.

Get a unique website
that delivers results for your marketing

If you want a website that differentiates your firm and delivers results, get in touch with us at Practice + Pixels to discuss the details of how we can help elevate the presence of your firm online.